Contrast your entire existence with geological time,
In which the longest stretch might at best equal
A mere fraction of a moderate layer of sediment.
We are each witness to a fleeting span of manifest time.
The relentless narcissism, fantasies of glory, and empire-seeking,
Are, from an across-the-board perspective, such trivial, meaningless pursuits.
The arrogant pinnacles humankind devises across this garden world
Are barren and desolate when viewed for what they are.

* * * *
Reincarnation is the moment-to-moment fabrication of the identity you imagine you are.

* * * *
You came into this world with no allegiance to anything.
What happened?

* * * *
The part is never apart from the whole.

* * * *
Your life's destiny is founded
Upon everything you desire right now.
If you would choose to disregard life's opportunity
To merge into the awareness of the changeless,
What, exactly, is it that you crave so much,
That you would choose vain mortality
Over that which was never born?

* * * *
A hindrance many have in considering themselves godness manifest,
Is that they believe it should entail having all sorts of innate supernatural powers.
The fact that they see, walk, talk, and create every sort of mischief,
Does not register because everyone else can, too.
Well, of course they can.
They are also godness manifest.
It is the concept of god that needs changing.

* * * *
Look back closely at your life.
See how every moment was necessary
For you to arrive at this apparent point in time.
That it has all been completely, perfectly, effortlessly
Choreographed, costumed, and rehearsed for the original run.
An epic, time-bound play produced and directed by you, starring you.
Be on good terms with your spontaneous, manifesting reverie.
Enjoy the myriad players appearing in your production.
All are teachers and students in your eternal journey.

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