Death is never easy for any to face.
It is the ending of identity, personality,
All that is known, possessed, and held dear.
It is the end of attachment to this material plane.
From whence you came, you return again.

* * * *
All across the world at this very instant,
Diversity suffers and perishes in countless ways
Because of the juggernauting inertia of consciousness
Fashioned by geographic notions Gaia will not forever sustain.

* * * *
The mind-body is a temporal vessel of finite patterning,
In which the infinite has potential to consciously manifest.

* * * *
It may be fairly frightening, even irritating,
For many to begin fathoming they are godness,
Because up to this point, their manifest consciousness
Has not even begun to open to that expansive an inner vision.

* * * *
So many human beings spend a great deal of time rejecting their animal nature,
Yet evidence of our basic instincts underscore everything we have ever created.

* * * *
Even the most healthy and beautiful men and women
Strain, sweat, smell, and ache when they toil;
Blow their nostrils clean each morning;
Eat, urinate, defecate, and pass gas
More than a few times each day.
Women bleed and swell with milk
For continuation of their genetic line.
Men ejaculate their seed for the same end.
What exactly does one love in another's body?
A vat of bones, organs, muscles, mucous, and blood,
Sheltered by nerve-ridden, porous, lifeless skin and hair,
Shaped in ways we instinctively find appealing or revolting.
All of which, to the dread of many, must unavoidably be recycled,
Perhaps even as a brief but mouthwatering feast for one beast or another.

* * * *
Free your Self of the notion of original sin, that you were born evil.
It is nothing more than an idea inspired by ignorance, by greed, by the need to control,
That the pure awareness you most definitely are, did not choose at birth.
There is no sin, no iniquity, only dualistic whimsy.

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