The ancients passed on their wisdom,
Through parables and analogies.
A neat trick, but one the literal-minded,
Have historically taken to one extreme after another.
All the philosophical inventions contrived since the beginning of time,
Have never, even for a moment, captured the ultimate nature.

* * * *
Imagine a nearly imperceptible bubble of foam,
Riding the flowing crest of a small wave,
On just one of an infinity of shores,
Of an ocean beyond measure.
That all but insignificant fragment of illusory reflection,
Is analogous to the entire human reverie,
Across this spinning orb.

* * * *
Words can only feebly point out the one and only way.
The discernment of their meaning is prior to all concept.

* * * *
The tenuous belief that science will be the cure-all
For humanity's plight, is self-deception on a grand scale.
Any conceptual tool is only as beneficial as those who wield it.

* * * *
More than enough, probably far too much,
Has been said of the spiritual quest through the ages.
The delusional, divisive conceit, surrounding and permeating it;
The dogmas, temples, money-changers, and Pharisees;
Are burdens that each must over time shrug off.
To discern and wander freely in Eden.

* * * *
The irony of spending so much of your existence,
Trying to solve the questions:
Who, what, where, when, why, and how;
Is finally realizing they have no answer words can grasp.

* * * *
No other creature on this planet,
Has taken naming to the extreme we have.
They do not separate themselves from their experiencing.
They have never believed themselves or others to be what words imply.
They do not slaughter or maim one another for the myriad reasons we endlessly concoct.
They endure passively, helplessly, for us to realize some insight, some rationality,
And perhaps one day return to the garden, in which they have ever resided.

The Stillness Before Time

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