Put aside all hope, all gain and loss, all dreams of glory,
All yearning, hate, anger, fear, envy and jealousy,
All dread of sickness, injury, aging and dying.
Your mind-body is but a temporal dream,
You are eternal, sovereign, absolute.

* * * *
There appear to be many paths
In the return to isness.
All are equal in the quest home
Because, like Dorothy's adventure in Oz,
No one ever really left Kansas.

* * * *
Understand the subtlety between
Claiming you are god
And knowing you are godness.
One cannot be, and the other never was not.

* * * *
You are a window to the eternal,
But must part the curtains
And wipe away the smudge to see it.

* * * *
There are the ignorant who think they know,
And the ignorant who know they do not.

* * * *
Whether you were born spontaneously
Or chose your parents through karmic design,
Whether you live just once, or well past a trillion times
With identities stretching throughout eternity,
In the most real sense, it is all the same.

* * * *
You may sit quietly and breathe with your eyes wide open or tightly shut,
Chant spiritual songs or hum mantras until your mind is three shades of blue,
Practice every sort of rigid, dogmatic, death-defying diet or prescribed exercise,
Submit to ancient beliefs, rituals and traditions, wear costumes and deify symbols,
Practice any discipline, worship any form your mind or another's might conjure,
Real meditation is the serene awareness of every moment's birth and death,
And no system is required to discern and freely perceive your birthright.

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