Since the origin of manifest consciousness, humans
Have been raised and patterned in accordance
With the varied responses to geography.
They have played, fought and mated,
Sought power, fortune and fame,
Worshipped innumerable idols,
Lived desperately, nobly and vainly,
Suffered sickness, injury, aging and death.
To what end the speculations are beyond number,
But ever the source has been the same divine essence,
Inexplicable, unknowable, mysterious, timeless, sovereign.

* * * *
The way you perceive existence is the way
The winds of time have molded you to perceive it.
It is all subjective projection based on countless circumstances
Which have conditioned the manifest spirit-mind-body identity in time.
Whatever your belief on the matter, no projection is really more true than any other.

* * * *
This brief time has offered every decadence
On a scale never before experienced
By as many in one era of history.
What have you seen and learned
But that sensory-level experience
Leaves you desolate, angry, weary,
As full of rancor and discontent as ever?
That flame of angst within, if not too deadening,
Can be a catalyst to the discernment of the unconditional.

* * * *
Despite attempts by sages of every era and geography,
The human psyche remains dominated and shaped
By primal instincts and urges bred into the mind long ago.
The many masks of fear have diversified into innumerable forms,
And are as paralyzing, blinding and destructive as they have ever been.
Transforming consciousness into its fullest potential is not for the meek of spirit.

* * * *
To discern serenity, you may well know the calamity and horror of battle.
To discern integrity, you may, indeed, be a great liar, cheat or thief.
To discern compassion, you may have caused much suffering.
To discern discipline, you may have partaken thoroughly every excess.
To discern the unity of all creation, you may have lived in ravaging separation.
Sometimes those most divided without are nearest to discovering eternal nature within.

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