To know you are one with oneness
Seems so simple, so freeing, so real,
Yet so many cling to this belief or that,
As if their clutching complexity and strife
Is so much more important than simply being.

* * * *
To own your birthright, you become less and less
Entwined in the confusing narrowness of self-absorption.
You naturally discern expansiveness in every moment possible.
It is the end of paradigms emerging from any mythos.
It is the ever-unfolding realization of unity.

* * * *
There is nothing to become, nothing to prove.
There is no description accurate enough
To describe what you really are.

* * * *
The colluding mythos of humanity
Conditions each of us to pretend something
No other manifest life form would require of its kind.
It is very arduous to be free of all claims.

* * * *
Essential nature is not divisible.
There is only totality, oneness, isness.
Nothing greater, nothing lesser, nothing but.
We are all simply that which is dancing
In every way, every form imaginable.

* * * *
All the laws and theories of the sciences
Explore, measure and explain only illusion.
The ultimate teaching offered by the rational mind
Is insight into the limits of dualistic sensory perception.
Scientists must at some point bridge the gap as irrational mystics
If they truly seek to comprehend this manifest theater for what it really is.

* * * *
Endless debate over which religion or doctrine speaks for god and truth
Is sophomoric and only obscures the possibility of real awakening.
It is the time-bound pastime of priests, scholars and undiscerning followers
Who have little interest in anything but the false security of one collusion or another.

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